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Senin, 22 September 2014

La Roux Tak Pernah Mendapat Royalti?

Daily Concerts, Jakarta - La Roux a.k.a. Elly Jackson mengakui tentang keadaan musik sekarang dan tentang ia tak pernah mendapat royalti dari penjualan album.

"I've never made any money from record sales," kata Jackson kepada Digital Spy (21/9). "And we sold nearly 8 million records if you count all the singles. There's something not right about that."

Ia menyatakan bahwa pendapatannya berasal dari pemutaran lagu di radio, ia juga mengatakan bahwa bermain di venue kecil itu tak menguntungkan.

"I spent two years on "Trouble in Paradise" and I most likely won't make any money out of it. The only money I will make is from radio play. All the money I've had up until now is from radio. I think people find this really, really, really hard to believe. It's not a lie, it's just the way it is. It's fine as long as people don't think you're a millionaire, which people sort of do." Ia menambahkan, "until you start getting to much larger venues, if you've got a five-piece band like I have, you find it very difficult to break even. We don't break even. Thank God we're really passionate about what we do and we don't mind when we lose money." (M. Naufal)
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