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Rabu, 15 Oktober 2014

SoundCloud Mengalami Kerugian £18 juta Pada 2013

Daily Concerts, Jakarta - SoundCloud mengumumkan bahwa mereka merugi sebesar £18 juta (sekitar Rp 350 Miliar) pada tahun 2013.

Situs streaming musik tersebut mengeluarkan pernyataannya setelah menghitung omzet tahunan mereka tahun lalu. Berikut pernyataannya :

"We are in a phase of growing SoundCloud into the market-leading platform for listening to, creating and sharing sound. This has necessitated investment in technology, headcount and marketing. Our overhead base has increased faster than our revenues."

The Financial Times recently reported that major labels Universal, Sony and Warner are all 'unhappy' with the Berlin-based company's plans to license their music. A unnamed source from one of the labels commented of the free service: "The clock is ticking on how long they can continue operating as a service that's unmonetised." (M. Naufal)

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